Renting a vehicle for a finite period of time on a small monthly premium is a privilege that often appeals to those who are ipso facto, in need of multiple van vehicles that come at relaxed pricing. The market centering van leasing has enlarged over time, with the growing list of vehicles and widening customers’ base. If you are in need of a pick-up truck or flat-bed van and leasing is the best option you have at hand, then read through the crisscross of terms and clauses that accessorize a leasing contract to safe-keep the interests of both the providers and users.

Preconditions of a Lease Contract

A wad of documents establishing your identity has to be produced at first which when deemed satisfactory will proceed to signing. A vans-on-lease provider has the right to ask for a copy of your driver’s license, passport, etc. for background checking. You’ll also require keeping your payment card and vouchers handy to process the transaction upon leasing.

Standard Criteria and Obligations

Every provider has some criteria a user should meet in order to stand qualified to avail the service. Your driver’s qualification comes at the top of the line. Leasing companies are not normally enthusiastic to hand over their rental assets to users who have a record of felony or anything legally punishable.

For as long as the term lasts, the user will be held responsible for any form of damage brought over the asset, whatever be the reasons. Cost equivalent to any damage on the property is deducted from the deposited amount after intimating the lessee. The fuel expense of the car, the number of kilometers it has run, etc, are no business to the owners as long as it is deemed perfect in condition.

However, you’re not allowed to overload or drunk-drive the vehicle.


As security, the companies normally claim an amount of upfront payment at the time of signing the contract which is treated as a collateral deposit. This amount is returned to the concerned lessee at the closure of the term, if the car is handed over in the same condition it was taken. Users are at liberty to return the vehicles at the end of the term period or renew the lease with the same or a different vehicle.

The leasing contact papers have the terms and documents page appended at the back that requires signing before you’re handed the car keys. You’re expected to scan through and understand clearly each of the bullet s before agreeing with them and stamping the signature in favor.