Airstream caravans have earned their due share of recognition, having withstood epic road trips across 35000 miles of continued driving and back, along the route determined by the great traveler Marco Polo. Since its first day, it has been used by campers as the modal vehicle to discover uncharted terrains, find unseen lands, making life’s dreams real for many. Thus, travelers in their quest to respond to the ever-lasting stir for venturesome activities have taken the aid of these highly enduring vehicles to take the road without having to worry about the challenges that come with it. Today, Airstreams RVs have come to be used for both recreational and commercial purposes, having found recognition in serving both to maximum lengths.


Seen the make-shift food stalls parked on the side of the road dishing out delicious hotdogs and sandwiches? Touristy places around the world have bulky vehicles garaged on the roadside at different points doling out scrumptious dishes through the open van windows. Even some of these vehicles have been transformed into dinner-style café shops welcoming tourists looking for small neat places to strike up cozy conversations. The inside of an Airstreams van is vintage, but can be revamped to resemble any indoor environment you wish. The selection of design, use of color and theme of your restaurant together determine the cosmetic finish of the cabin.

Some Curious Facts Centering Airstreams

Some lesser known facts about airstreams are that they were manufactured with wood, before they started to come in polished silver exterior and the streamlined design. Soon after designing, the plans started to get sold at the back of magazines, and the first vehicle that was designed using the plan was a DIY job. Colors were used on these caravans to match the 1950s vibrant shade schemes, but that having failed, the makers resorted to the silver polish. However, experiments with colors also included the glassy golden shade, but were abandoned later due to popular rejection.

National Authorities Using Airstreams

Airstreams are also used by NASA and other space monitoring associations where they’re named Astrovans. Aside, militaries of different nations also use these vehicles to transport their VIP personages from one point to another at maximum comfort and security.

Vehicles for such purpose are equipped with all in-home luxuries that would maximize the comfort of the users. Mobile communication modules are fitted in these vehicles to ensure uninterrupted communication throughout the journey. Couches, televisions, music system, etc., are other basic amenities that the vehicles are configured with.