Are you considering buying a trailer? Nowadays, the trailer manufacturers are using mainly two types of materials when producing trailers: steel and aluminium. These materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which distinguish steel from aluminium trailer?

Since long ago, steel was the only material from which trailers were made. It is vulnerable to rust, which is the main reason why manufacturers began to look for an alternative material. Aluminium appeared as a good substitute for steel, which is considered as even better because of its lightweight. Trailers made of aluminium weight 15-20% less than steel trailers. Compared to heavier steel trailers, the trailers can carry a larger load. Therefore, the transmission pressure of the towing vehicle is reduced and you’ll spend less gasoline.

For transporting heavier loads, you will need strong and solid material – steel. It is ideal for places with a humid climate, such as rain, ice and wind. All of these conditions can damage the surface of the material and cause rust formatting. Certain measures should be taken to protect the towing vehicle. For greater rust resistance, you should get a galvanized finish to your trailer. It should be emphasized that initially, the steel will be immune to rust, but over time it will start to corrode although it’s galvanized. When you decide to protect the trailer with a galvanized finish, be prepared to spend a lot. However, this should not scare you because if you don’t do it, the repair costs will be even bigger. Keep in mind, the process of galvanizing will save you money.

Aluminium, as a material used for manufacturing trailers, is made of 95% aluminium and 5% mixture of copper, chromium, zinc and titanium. This makes it rust-resistant. However, these trailers have to be maintained by putting lubrication on hinges and cam latches. What can be distinguished as negative for aluminium trailers is that they are not as strong as steel trailers are. Despite the fact that they are light when transporting goods, aluminium trailers are not suitable for driving long distances or on rough roads.

With all this information – the decision is yours. Choosing the best towing vehicle can be simple if you know what you want. If you are going to transport goods frequently in wet conditions, then you need a steel trailer. On the contrary, if you don’t plan to haul a heavier load, an aluminium trailer is what you need to buy.