While the rest of the cars in the market have their own revisions, the 2014 BMW M5 too undergoes the same. The revision is designed to fit the desired driving needs of everyone who’s into these types of muscle and athletic automobiles. The model being the most successful one among all the BMW models was launched in parallel with the rest. As the three of the BMW 5 Series models have their own characteristics, this too have its pleasant features that emphasizes the type of innovation used!

Its handling properties were made a lot better through the Competition Package, so that it would fit every driver’s needs. It didn’t have yet the M carbon ceramic brakes until March of 2013. The BMW M5 originally had only 1152 horsepower Twin Turbo V8. The S model then and the Competition Pack have more stuff, revised suspension and more power. These are what we are going enjoy this year. From March of 2013, various colors of the M5 model was introduced in the market and they came in Pyrite Brown metallic, Pure Metal Silver and Frozen Blue metallic.

These supercars have the 4.4L Twin Turbo V8 power engine with 575 horsepower. The torque has 500 lb-ft and an automatic transmission with 7-speed twin-clutch. The wheelbase is 116.7 inches and curb weight is at 4369 lbs. If you check the base price around, you’ll realize how good that will be for an investment for your hobby.

Along with all the engine revisions and its performance are the features and equipment. These are the following:

5-passenger full leather heated bucket seats

Custom-made instrument cluster

3-spoke multifunction wheel

6-speed manual transmission

Dashboard with BMW infotainment system

Upgraded stereo system and entertainment system at the rear seat

Internet access

Night vision and pedestrian detection

LED headlights

Automatic doors (soft-close)

Warning system for lane departure

Front and side curtain airbags

Tire pressure monitor

Traction control systems

With all the features above and even more that comes along with achieving the safety driving needs of anyone having it, no one would bother saving up and dreaming or aiming of having one. This is because of the system with driver assistance and mobility services. What’s so good with the driver assistance is that it helps the driver stay away from danger through the warning system for collision and lane departure.

By just looking at both the interior and exteriors of the 2014 BMW M5, you will see how powerful the supercar is. The interior allowable capacity along with the storage compartments gives you more excitement for driving the car along with your friends. The leather steering wheel as well gives you an idea of how good the double spoke wheels could be. Going back to the exteriors, 2014 BMW M5 could be acquired in the colors you as you want among what’s available from them as mentioned earlier. Each color suits for every choice, whether you’re a male or a female muscle-car enthusiast.

Who wouldn’t want to have a car like that? With fully powered engine and luxurious look, you’ll be able to grab the car of your dreams!