Advertising is the key to selling a dated rig. Given the enormous popularity of online classified advertising, it makes sense to leverage this medium to sell your recreational vehicle (RV). Classified adverts not only connect you to a huge audience, they also let you market your rig for free. Therefore, if you have made up your mind to bid good-bye to your old RV, sell it through classifieds. Wondering how to get going? Well, here come some easy tips:

1. Great Title:

An effective headline is equivalent to an impressive first impression. Create a perfect advert title by including in it key information such as make, model, manufacturing year, length and years on its odometer. A good example is:

2002 Holiday Rambler EndeavorClass A – Dsl Pusher 40′ – 2 Slides – 70K Miles

2. Painstaking Account:

Space crunch is not an issue when you are writing online classified ads, so make full use of the description field. In fact, being a little boastful helps. Highlight all aspects that you think potential buyers will find exciting such as high-end appliances, great storage, solar panels, generator etc. Don’t miss out on basic stuff such as sleeping and water storage capacity etc. Avoid CAPS; people don’t like to be yelled at. Do not abbreviate; prospects want them crystal clear. Use the right formatting to make it easy for buyers to read your advert.

3. Pictorial Description:

Pictures speak louder than words. Attractive images can compel prospects to pick up the phone and call you right away, while poor quality, low-res images can ruin your chances of clinching a winning deal. If you cannot tell an exciting story through eye-catching images, be sure, your rig will remain unsold forever. Therefore, take several pictures of your rig to show every nook and crannies of your rig. Better still add a short video to offer your prospects a virtual tour of your home-on-wheel.

4. Honesty Is The Best Policy:

Disclose everything – maintenance or lack of it, your reasons for selling and the issues that the new owners might need to fix.

5. Price And Payment:

Set a price, as an advert without one is useless. However, do not quote an amount that makes the rig appear overpriced, as buyers will turn away if your price is not competitive. Mention if you are open to negotiations. In addition, let people know what form of payment you will accept and what you won’t. For example, tell them in advance if you are not willing to accept personal checks or foreign money orders. Mention if you are open to brokers intervening as often they end up managing your ad in an excellent way, helping to fetch a good price.

Well, there you know how to utilize the power of words and images to create great classified adverts. If you are in hurry to dispose of your used RV, sell it through online classifieds, as they can connect you to the maximum numbers of qualified buyers.