Ferrari is one of the most popular luxury cars built in Italy. These vehicles are state-of-the-art machines as they feature superior engineering, outstanding craftsmanship, and incredible attention to detail. You may be wondering what makes these supercars so amazing. In this article, we are going to get a deeper insight into what these vehicles are made of. Read on to find out more.

What are Ferraris made of?

Basically, Ferraris are made of different types of materials to deliver high-performance. Some of the most common materials include premium leather, carbon fiber, and aluminum, to name a few.

The Frame and Engine

The frame and engine of the supercar are made with aluminum. Unlike other manufacturers, the company still prefers aluminum for making these vehicles. For instance, Lamborghini and McLaren use carbon fiber as the primary building material because of its strength and lightweight.

According to the manufacturer, aluminum is one of the best multi-metal technologies that allow a variety of applications. The shell of Ferraris is made of aluminum while the engine is made of aluminum alloy.

Carbon Fiber Parts

Listed below are the parts of Ferrari that are made using carbon fiber.

  • Exterior trim elements
  • Carbon fiber aerobridge
  • Carbon fiber side skirts
  • LaFerrari Style Carbon Fiber Bridge

Other Materials

Apart from carbon fiber and aluminum, steel is also used in the making of these supercars. The reason is that steel is easy to use, reliable and inexpensive. This is the reason it’s the most preferred material for a lot of auto manufacturers. Besides, the manufacturer uses premium leather as well.

In some models of Ferrari, leather is used in paneling, gear stick, steering wheel, and seats. Some parts of the cabin, center console, dashboard, and bonnet are also made from high-grade plastic and wood.

Ferrari features industry-beating electronics, such as complex navigational systems, safety gadgets, driver-assistance features, and anti-theft mechanisms. These luxurious supercars represent world-class engineering.

Although we don’t know about all the materials the vehicle is made from, some common materials include leather, plastic, wood, steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum.

The Body

For bodywork, Ferraris use high-grade aluminum. The frames are built at the Scaglietti plant. In these workplaces, skilled technicians and robots perform the welding, gluing, and joining of the parts.

The Cabin

The cabin of Ferrari uses a special type of leather known as Ferrari Nappa. And this leather is made using the hides from cattle found in cold climates.

Although Ferraris are lightweight, they are totally reliable. In fact, the lightweight materials help the vehicle deliver great performance. Despite the lightweight metal, these supercars are as reliable as vehicles made of steel. But the use of aluminum makes Ferraris more expensive when it comes to regular maintenances.

The Engine

Yes, the engine of Ferrari is extruded from aluminum. Molten metal is poured into molds for solidification. Each component is joined and finished manually. For certification purposes, the engine is stress-tested and x-rayed prior to mounting.

So, this was a description of some common types of materials that Ferraris are made of. Hope this helps.