A motorcycle rider is not only characterized by the bike he rides but also by the gear he uses. In an attempt to get away from the monotony, motorcycle riders choose to explore new places and participate in activities such as mountaineering, pedestrian-ism and motorcycle riding. As a matter of fact, motorcycle riding is now regarded as the most popular fun activity by the residents of the United States.

If you think the trend is popular only among men, you’re mistaken as over 35% of motorcycle riders who have participated by riding events were women. According to a recent report, as much as 25% of buyers of the Harley Davidson were women. If you’re planning to set out on a long motorcycle ride along the long western coast, here is how you should dress.

Extensive use of leather: Leather not only looks stunning but also acts as a protective material in the event of an accident. Leather jackets these days are not only water – resistant but also keep you warm. Besides, they look absolutely stunning and give you a tougher image, making you stand out from the crowd.

A good helmet: Investing in a good helmet is essential if you ride regularly. Depending on your preferences, you may opt for different colors or graphics that match your motorcycle. As a matter of fact, a lot of motorcycle manufacturers provide complementary helmets at the time of purchase.

A great and comfy pair of jeans: If you’re setting out on long journeys, opting for a pair of skinny jeans is a bad choice. It is essential you invest on a comfortable pair of jeans that wouldn’t mess up with your legs. Opt for airy jeans as they would keep you dry and wouldn’t mess up with your mood either.

Boots: This is often the most ignored part of a biker lady’s attire or any rider for that matter. It is to be borne in mind that boots for bikers are very different from the ones you’d be wearing on a daily routine. If you ride on a fairly regular basis, having a minimum of two pair of boots is necessary. Boots that are designed for bikers have additional protection for ankles, feet and shanks.

Gone are the days when men had all the fun. Today, women ride motorcycles with men, participate in various events and professional races as well. If you’re looking to connect with such women, join a biker dating site today and reach out to such sexy riders.