There are two kinds of motorcycle riders: those who have had an accident, and those who will have an accident. Which one are you? Riding a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous than other modes of transportation. The fatality rate is over 72 per 100,000 of registered motorcycles according statistics compiled by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Annually approximately 80 percent of cycle accidents involve death or a serious injury. As compared to cars and trucks, a cycle is much more dangerous: the figures are just over 20 per cent of vehicles involved in auto accidents involve a fatality or serious injury.

If you happen to have a super-sport motorcycle, your chances of being in an accident are four times more likely than if you are riding another type of motorcycle. Southern California freeways are notorious for serious motorcycle accidents. Heavy traffic, excess speeds and impatient drivers all add to the problem. Lane splitting doesn’t help. 900 Los Angeles area motorcycle accidents were analyzed in a study sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration entitled the “Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures”. The findings are quite telling.

75% of all bike accidents involve another vehicle

25% of cycle accidents involve the cycle in a collision with something in the road or the immediate area

Only 3% of accidents involve vehicle failure

Over braking or taking a curve too wide is the top cause of rider error accidents

The age of the rider is a factor: males between 16 and 24 are at a greater risk

What you do for a living makes a difference, too. Professionals, and those in sales have less accidents than students, laborers and the unemployed. Most accidents occur close to where the ride originated, and within five months of riding the cycle. Over 90% of riders had no formal safety training, having learned how to ride the motorcycle on their own or shown how by friends or family.

You can easily decrease your chances of being a motorcycle accident victim. Make sure other vehicles can see you on the road, for one thing. Wear a helmet to protect yourself in the case of an accident, it can help to lessen traumatic brain injuries which is one of the most common injuries from a motorcycle accident. Stay a safe distance from surrounding vehicles, you only have approximately 2 seconds to react. Stay sober if you are planning on not being a motorcycle accident victim. Almost 50% of accidents involve alcohol.

If you are a motorcycle accident victim, you need to consult with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. Your injuries may be serious, you may have lost wages from not being able to work, and you may have future medical expenses. Don’t automatically think your insurance company will cover you on all of these things, they may not. You need the services of someone who will fight for you and help you to get the settlement you deserve. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will guide you through the complex legal system and help you to reach a satisfactory settlement.