It was Mr. Allan R Thieme who first invented mobility scooters. In this tech savvy age it is definitely an exciting and fascinating invention made by an entrepreneur who tried to make life comfortable and easy for the aged and the disabled people. The vehicle was named Amigo by its inventor which sounds both stylish and jazzy at the same time. It was in the country of United States of America where these types of vehicles were first put to use and from then on the fame and reputation of this conveyance spread like wildfire across the different nations in different continents. The year 1968 was the year of invention of this special type of conveyance. The disabled and old people could not feel luckier to have this vehicle.

This special mode of conveyance is used by the old and infirm people and also the disabled persons who are dependent on others for making any kind of movement. An eco-friendly transport mode comes in various shapes and sizes together with a whole range of impressive metallic colors. The special vehicles may run on three or four wheels and can also be fitted with accessories like that of oxygen cylinder holder as well as baskets. Moreover, these singular modes of transportation are very light and are easy to maneuver. The extraordinary scooters consist of various parts like that of a rechargeable battery and also that of a seat which can be twisted and turned according to the requirements. There is also the presence of a flat area where the driver of the vehicle can rest his feet. The eco-friendly transport is known to improve the quality of life of the old persons. The disabled person can easily enjoy their life to the fullest if they use these vehicles. The elderly are of the opinion that they are provided with immense freedom once they begin using these particular transport mode.

There are actually two kinds of mobility scooters which fall into the category of the Rear wheel Drive and also the Front wheel drive. The first kind can be used when the old person is using the individual transport at home. The Front wheel drive can be used when the particular vehicle is being used indoors and has a weight greater than that of the rear wheel drive scooter. The front wheel drive conveyance can carry a weight of about 250 pounds.

The convenience of the special means of vehicles cannot be denied. The factor of strength and effort are not the major requirements of driving this means of conveyance. These products are economical and cheap and are functional and can be used without any major hitches. Walk into any department of these motorized vehicles and drive out in these special scooters with confidence. The chief advantage of using this conveyance is that the old people will have gained a whole lot of self-reliance when they begin moving about in these mobility scooters.

With a whole lot of information that is available to you now, you can easily go ahead and gift your loved one with a mobility scooter.