Like buying a new vehicle, selling one can be quite daunting as well. This article will tell you about how you can make most out of you transaction while selling your pre-owned vehicle. As we all know once the new vehicle is out of the showroom, it starts depreciating in value.

Thereby we have brought facts to keep in mind before after and during the process of selling your beloved asset to someone Else. As these steps and tricks will help you get most out of your desired deal.

So, let’s start reading:

When to sell: Be aware that value of your vehicle is depreciating with time. Even if you don’t use your owned vehicle much or take a good care of your beloved asset, it’s still aging slowly and gradually. And therefore its value is diminishing as well gradually. So, as an owner you have to decide how long you want to keep the vehicle with you, as three year old vehicle will definitely fetch you more money as compared to a car that older.

There are other factors as well which diminish its value like Quality, Appearance etc*

Before you sell: After deciding to sell off your vehicle and before selling it, keep in mind the re-sale value you expect, to get in exchange of your vehicle from the buyer while selling it. You can check online as well as consider the professional help for exact valuation of your vehicle.

Also, if you haven’t taken your vehicle for service from quite some time, take it for servicing and change any faulty or non-operational parts. As no interested buyer would be interested enough in the squeaking sound and non-working parts of your vehicle. And also, with the better functionality all things in working order give you the upper hand, so that you could stick to your asking price.

To some up you can go through these points to increase your vehicles value:

  Wax on, wax off

  Bright lights

  Windshield chips/cracks


  Shiny wheels

  Inside jobs

  Get your papers in order

  Make easy fixes

  Don’t have a scratch-and-dent sale

Deal with Potential Buyers:  Just like its not advisable to buy a vehicle from used car dealer, it is not advisable to sell it to one as well. As they tend to give you low value of your vehicle, so that they could sell it at higher prices later, making profit.

You can always go through the process of selling your pre-owned vehicle with organized players for better transparent transaction experience at optimal prices. As through our services, interested buyers can bid on your vehicles and you can choose the minimum amount you want for your asset.

You can also go through the number of other services like Private Treaty Facility, where professional team while closing the deal bridges the gap between the seller and the buyer, while keeping complete transparency through recorded transaction.

Token Money:  If you find the potential interested buyer for your vehicle, ask for the token money and give him/her some due convenient date to arrange for the rest of the money and handover the car keys only after the full payment.

Paper Work: Involvement of legal work while selling a car, result in a lot of paper work which seller should not delay and take for granted.  So, we have brought you the list of documents you need to be in check with while selling the vehicle to the buyer along with paperwork:

  transfer of ownership of the car

  NOC from finance company if applicable

  Copy of the delivery note

  Original registration certificate

  RTO tax certificate

  Insurance policy (update the insurance company about the transfer of ownership)

  Copy of the invoice of the car

  Owner’s manual of the car.

  Service history of the car

  Application to the RTO for an NOC if the buyer’s residence is in the area of jurisdiction of another RTO.

Don’t forget to handover these documents to the buyer for successful and ethical transaction and also for your personal good. As paperwork’s, implement that ownership has been transferred and you will not be dragged in any matter including your ex-vehicle, be it an accident/ criminal offence etc.