The use of quad bikes has grown significantly over the past few years, both for professional agricultural and husbandry work and also as a popular leisure and sporting vehicle.

Whatever the purpose of a quad bike, however, it goes without saying that the vehicle will almost certainly be subjected to constant high impacts and tremendous stresses.

In the first instance, the quality of the model chosen is therefore always paramount.

However, choosing the right model is not the only step to take to ensure good performance and reliability. There are also very good reasons why it is essential to arrange for regular quality quad servicing of all models.

Firstly, while it is true that for a considerable period following the purchase of a top grade quad bike, engine components are highly unlikely to fail, the best quad servicing will always include the most sophisticated diagnostic techniques to identify whether a faulty component is the cause behind any degradation in performance.

If the poor performance element is traced to a broken or worn part, a professional quad servicing company will be able to quickly secure the most appropriate replacement component and offer expert advice and fitting.

Conversely, there are inevitably several parts of a quad bike which are extremely vulnerable, but which regular quad servicing will ensure are replaced where necessary.

These vulnerable parts include those making up the quad bike’s suspension system, a feature of the bike which often takes the greatest pounding.

Similarly, worn or damaged tyres will almost certainly be picked up during routine professional quad servicing, even if the degradation had not been noticed previously by the bike’s owner.

Regardless of the part or parts requiring replacement, it should also be noted that a good quad servicing centre will not only be able to source the best quality components; it will also be able to fit those parts which are most relevant to the particular ride requirements of the individual user.

Thus, while the replacement parts will certainly be of sufficiently high quality to include a minimum warranty period with the purchase, they will also take into account whether, for example, the quad bike is to be mainly driven over rugged or marshy terrain. Likewise, the degree of suspension support required by the rider will be considered.

Finally, it should be noted that not only does regular quad servicing play a vital role in the guarantee of future performance; it is also essential for the safety of the rider. Worn or damaged parts can easily affect control and manageability; a potentially deadly outcome for the rider and for those he or she encounters.

While on the subject of safety, it is important to realise that although the technically-minded quad bike owner might feel that some maintenance work is within his or her competence, the complexity of the inner workings of a quad bike should in no way be underestimated. A poorly fitted part can be just as dangerous, if not more so, than a poorly functioning part.